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15-Minute Halloween Eye Makeup: Mermaid

When it comes to dressing up, Halloween is the time to go all out. But, planning a winning costume doesn’t have to mean months of preparation and beaucoup bucks dropped. In fact, many Halloween looks can be created with the makeup you already have in your beauty kit!

If that doesn’t sound easy enough, many of our beauty-centric costume ideas rely solely on a stellar eye look. With that in mind, we created four super easy eye looks to try this Halloween using the makeup products you likely already own! Earlier, we showed you a Twiggy-esque lashy look, a sultry Gatsby-inspired smokey eye, an on-trend Pokemon eye, and now, we’re rounding out the Halloween season with our most snazzy style: Mermaid eyes. 

The Look: a whimsical blend of blues and greens to create the perfect Mermaid eye

mermaid eye makeup tutorial

The Products:

Bold eyeshadow like the shades found in City Color Poolside Palette ($15.99) Colors used: Voyage, Chilling, Seafood and Poolside

Sparkly eyeshadow like the shades found in Urban Decay Moon Dust ($49) Colors used: Vega, Gala, and Lightyear

Shimmering highlighter like Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kits in Moonchild ($40)

Loose glitter

Clear lip gloss

The Method:

1. Start with a light blue eyeshadow all over the lid—we used Voyage from the City Colors Palette. Apply this vibrant color across the lid, moving slightly outward to create a soft flick.

2. Use a precision eyeliner pencil to apply an electric blue hue (We used Chillin’ from the City Colors Poolside Palette.) to the bottom lower lid. Swipe the shadow slightly upward to create the subtle wispy cat eye.

3. Apply a dark teal shade (We used Poolside from Poolside.) to the crease of your lid. This will create a water-y effect and add definition. Use your eyeshadow brush to blend into the first blue shade.

4. Highlight under your brow and toward the inner eye with a light green hue. (We used the Seafoam from Poolside.) Apply lightly to the brow bone, making sure to buff color into the darker teal to create a gradient effect. Apply the light shadow to the inner corner of your eyes to add a pop of color!

5. Add sparkle with shimmer shadows. We used the Urban Decay Moon Dust Palette for this step. First, apply the Galaxy shade (very lightly!) across the lid to enhance the base blue shade.

6. Then use a shimmery seafoam green (we used Lightyear from Moon Dust) on the outer corners of the eye around the fanned out wing. This boosts the look of the cat eye.

7. Lastly, apply a deeper, shimmering shade of blue (We used Gala from Moon Dust.) under the eye over your first blue shade.

8. Swipe on a colorful highlighter like those found in the Moonchild kit. We used the Blue Moon shade, but as long as you have a blue, purple, or silvery highlighter, that will do!

9. Finish off with face glitter! We found some nail kit glitter and using lip gloss applied it in a semi-circle shape, concentrating most of the glitter on the cheeks. But get as creative as you want!

Remember: This look is all about blending colors so there’s no wrong combo of colors or exact method!

How are you planning on wearing your makeup this Halloween? Share with us your best costume ideas below!

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