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My first tattoo!

Today was the day, I was getting my first tattoo. As you might remember this was the original idea:


But today, during my class, I recieved a phone call from the tattoo shop. They weren’t sure what I wanted and thought I wanted one behind my ear. After calling them back and explaining what I wanted, they told me they wouldn’t do it. Since it is very close to the bone and the colour might spread out.

Also there was a problem with the time, I send them a mail asking to put my apointment a bit later. I revieved a confirmation email about this. But apparently it wasn’t changed. 4

A lot of things went wrong, but they were so kind. I was still able to get a tattoo tody! And I choose to get this design:


Harry Potter! I love this quote so much!

The text is on my ribs, under the side of my bra and on my left side. I am so happy with it and I will be posting some pictures on my social media once it is healed up! So go follow me if you would like to see the result!

Getting the tattoo wasn’t painfull at all, but I must admit that I have a hight tolerance for pain. It was more of an ‘annoying’ feeling, and as time went by it started to irritate a bit more.

At the moment the tattoo doesn’t hurt or itch, which is good. When I just got it, it did itch a bit. I’m already thinking about getting a second one!

So how about you guys? Do you have any tattoos, do you want one? Or not at all? Let me know in the comments below!

Lots of love




17 thoughts on “My first tattoo!”

    1. It didn’t hurt for me but everyone is different and of course, where you get the tattoo is important as well. Some skin is more sensitive. Also, if you’re nervous, you’re going to feel it that much more. So if you ever want to get one, make sure you are relaxed! Xo

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  1. Here’s a little fifty word story in response Karen. I hope you enjoy it!

    Drunk in Thailand, James wanted a tattoo. “The Pride of Scotland” and a thistle, he requested. The tattooist looked blank. You know, the thistle: the spikey plant. Ah yes, the tattooist said, nodding. James passed out, waking later to admire “The Pride of Scotland” on his arm. Beneath a pineapple.


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      1. Based on true events – not mine though! The person involved often has to show off his tattoo to strangers! It always raises a laugh! I will not name names though……hope you enjoy yours as well, but in a different way!

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