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Curling your hair with Cheetos?!

This something I read not too long ago. Curling your hair with cheetos, sounds crazy to me. But this girl named Bunny did it and it actually got some results.

Bunny has a serie on her channel named ‘Will it curl?’ She has also tried mashmallows at one point, but this time she went for cheetos.

Yeah, the internet is a very weird place.


After wrapping strands of her hair around each individual cheeto and securing them using a total of 72 bobby pins, Bunny used a hairdrying bonnet and switched between the warm and cool setting to set the curls in place.


The whole thing took 3 hours! She said “the heated smeel of cheetos is not the most delightful thing you will ever smell in your life.”

All I can say is: eww.


And here’s the massive plot twist: Cheetos actually make pretty great budget curlers. Bunny’s Cheeto-curled ‘do is bouncy and voluminous and there’s some dreamy ringlets going on.

She was very pleased that her hair didn’t become greasy and that there’s no orange residue, although she also said that most of her clothes and hair are a bit powdery.


I’ll just stick with my normal hair styling products for now, but at least we can all rest assured that we can use a big ‘ol bag of Cheetos if our normal curlers decide to break on us!

Would you ever try something like this out? Let me know in the comments below!

Lots of love




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