From Day to Night Makeup

With so many things to do in Vegas, you can’t afford to let your makeup hold you back. So how do you transition your makeup from day to night? asked me how I would do this. Read on to find out how I would change up my makeup!

Everyday look:

5625493fac2d8_300_sq (1).jpg

I would personally keep it natural, so the ‘no makeup’ makeup look would be my go to. For this look fake eyelashes are an option, you can choose for yourself if you want to wear them. I do like to add fake eyelashes, since my natural eyelashes aren’t that long.

Night look:

The first thing I would change is my eyeshadow, definatly when going out in Vegas. Add the glitter! You can never go wrong with glitter in Vegas, but if you use a lot of glitter for the eyes, I would keep the lips natural. Don’t overdo it!

If glitter isn’t your thing, go for a smokey eye or another bold look. But don’t use too many colours, if you’re wearing a colourful outfit you should match your makeup or use simple colours such as black. Who doesn’t love black for a night out?

TIP: Go for a liquid lipstick, one that does stay on for a long time and doesn’t smudge. Having lipstick stains on you glass isn’t very classy.

For example, I would start my day wearing Koko k from Kylie Cosmetics and when I’m going out during the night, I would change it to Posie k.

Now, the most important thing (to me), is to make sure that your eyebrows are on point! They can make or break your look.

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