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Review of the Kylie Jenner lip kits

This week I recieved the 4 liquid lipsticks I ordered from Kylie Cosmetics; koko k, posie k, candy k and dolce k. And I LOVE all of them, the colours and the design, I like everything about them. So I will be ordering more!

Koko K


Candy K


This is the one I wear for a natural look, it was also the first one I tried out.

Posie K


Dolce K


They have become my new favourite lip product. They are very easy to apply, although they don’t stay the entire day and you do need to re-apply after some time, they look very good on your lips. I love the matt effect and when you apply it on your lips, it doesn’t take all that long to dry.

I’ll post pictures on my social media, so you can see how they look on me!

Starting now, I’ll only do one post a day, doing at least two a day has become a bit much for me. At the moment I am learning for a exam you have to take before you can study to become a doctor. This is something I would love to do. So I do hope all of you can understand this.

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