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Ingredient Breakdown: Donkey Milk

By now, most skincare fanatics know that miracle, fix-it-all ingredients don’t really exist. In fact, science shows that a beauty routine that incorporates several high-powered ingredients is the best way to combat signs of aging, skin damage, and all those other fun things we deal with on a daily basis. But, how do you know which ingredients are worth the hype? We’re making it easy! In this series, we’ll give you the must-know info on both trending and mainstay ingredients.

Let’s be honest, sometimes ingredients in skincare products seem so out there, they just can’t be real. But in the case of this growing skincare trend, you better believe it’s real! Donkey milk is a vitamin-packed product making its way through the Korean skincare world. Here’s everything you need to know about the bizarre ingredient!

The Ingredient: Donkey milk

Also known as: No getting around it, it’s donkey milk.

Quick take: regenerates skin, smoothes out wrinkles, moisturizes skin

Claims to fame: Milk-infused beauty products aren’t really anything new. We’ve already seen goat and coconut milk beauty products, which work wonders skin concerns ranging from eczema to acne. When it comes to donkey milk, the benefits are just as vast. “The [donkey] milk is packed with proteins, phospholipids, ceramides, vitamins, and minerals,” explains Alicia Yoon, founder of Asian skincare hub Peach & Lily. As any true beauty lover already knows, proteins are building blocks of great skin, hair, and nails, whereas phospholipds are fatty acids essential to the skin barrier, and ceramides are a key component in repairing damaged skin.

Where to find it:

1. Imselene Donkey Milk Holic Sleeping Mask Pack, $15 at

2. Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Hydrating Milk Cleanser, $59 at

3. the SAEM Royal Natural Donkey Milk Moist Cream, $40.80 at

4. Donkey Milk Beauty Donkey Milk Day and Night Facial Cream, $64

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