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Instagram Food Trends You’ll Want to Try

Every once in a while, a totally Instagrammable food item is created and we can’t get enough. These trends have changed the way we enjoy some of our favorite treats. Whether you’re looking for an over-the-top dessert or a new take on a favorite meal, these creations are sure to catch your eye. Here are some of the coolest food trends from this year. Read on to learn where you can try these trends:

Rainbow Bagels

These bagels are the creation of Brooklyn Bagel Artist, Scot Rossillo. His store, The Bagel Store, has gone viral with the colorful carb. Instagrammers around the world have traveled to get one of these cotton candy and funfetti-filled bagels. They’re so popular, many other stores around the country have begun to copy these eye-catching breakfast finds.


Sushi Donuts

Instagrammer So Beautifully Raw created this mouthwatering take on sushi and has foodies wanting to try it for themselves! These aesthetically pleasing sushi bites are as beautiful as they are tasty.


Over-the-Top Milkshakes

Last summer, the Australian cafe Pâtissez made news with their decadent, artisanal milkshakes. Stateside, New York City burger joint Black Tap has created their massive milkshakes that have customers lining up to give them a try.



There’s finally a solution for when you can’t decide if you want sushi or a burrito for dinner. The sushirrito wraps up all the goodness of your favorite sushi in the form of a burrito. This trend started at San Francisco restaurant Sushirrito and has since been added the menu of restaurants across the country.


Luxury Doughnuts

These are not your standard glazed or cream-filled doughnuts. Voodoo Doughnuts in Portland, Oregon has been getting attention for their incredible doughnut creations. With an extensive menu that includes maple-bacon, Arnold Palmer-flavored, and Captain Crunch-topped doughnuts, you’ll be planning your trip to Portland ASAP!


Churro Ice Cream Sandwiches

These ice cream sandwiches have been spreading like wildfire throughout New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. In this tasty treat, two fried churro cakes cradle ice cream for a dessert that is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Los Angeles-based Churro Borough is credited with creating the first sandwich and has since had visitors from across the country flock to the restaurant.

Which of these food trends do you want to try? Let us know in the comments! Head to the Influenster website for more! Follow my blog for more amazing posts at least 2 day!

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