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Commuter Tales: Work Bag Essentials

Welcome to our brand new series: Commuter Tales. We’re giving you an inside look at how we at Influenster deal with the #struggles of commuter life. Keep calm and read on for some tips, tricks, and products to keep your day as smooth as your ride (as long as there are no delays).

From making lunch the night before to laying out my outfit for the next workday, prepping for a 9-5 can feel like high school all over again. The most daunting thing for me, though, is packing my bag and making sure that I have all of the odds and ends that I can’t live without. Here’s your guide to packing the essentials for the best work day ever (OK, maybe not the best ever, but it’ll def be better).

Don’t leave home without…

Aside from the obvious phone-keys-wallet combo, a reusable water bottle, myMoleskine planner, and a fun makeup bag are always stashed in my work bag. A mantra of mine is “never leave the house without a pen,”—you never know when you’ll need one, or who you may need to lend one to. (Besides, you’re already carrying paper! What are you going to write with?)

Staying #fresh…

From an early morning wake-up to post-work socializing, an eight-hour work day seems to routinely turn into way more than that. Do yourself a favor and pack some mini-secret weapons so you can stay fresh all day. I like to throw a rollerball perfumeinto my makeup bag, along with a Tide To Go Mini, Altoids, and some Plackers Floss(read: I have an extreme fear of having food in my teeth). So don’t sweat it—you can run to the train with a cup of coffee and pack a spinach salad for lunch and know that you’ll be covered.

Tech to take with you…

I am a serial “fell-asleep-with-phone-in-hand” offender. Needless to say, I can’t leave in the morning without a portable charger. Plus, they’re perfect for the commute home when you need a little extra juice. Speaking of that commute, earbuds are a must have. A little extra protection for your laptop won’t hurt either. Plus, your laptop sleeve  can also hold a few papers and envelopes so they won’t wrinkle.

What are your workday must-haves? Tell us in the comments below! Head to the Influenster website for more! Follow my blog for more amazing posts at least 2 day!

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