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30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 1

During the month of July, I will do this blogging challenge! These posts will be extra, so you’ll still get 2 other posts about my usual topics! These posts will be to get to know me a bit better. If you are interested in that at least, if not, just skip these posts and wait for the next post about beauty, makeup, fashion, food or whatever it is that you are interested in! So let’s get started with todays post!

Day 1: Your Blogs Name

So as you all might know, my blog is named ‘Be Unique’, I choose this name since my blog represents my unique personality. I post about all thing that interest me and that is a whide variaty, so there will always be something you like!

I also want people to realise that everyone is different, and that is fine. For example, I like makeup a lot and wear it almost every day, BUT I won’t judge someone for not wearing any makeup! And that is exacly what I want from other people! Be you and let other people be themselves! To me, that is one of the most important things.

There is already so much judging in the world, I can’t seem to understand it. Maybe when you are younger and still learning who you are, you might expiriment in that period. But why should you judge someone else for ‘finding themselves’. That doesn’t make any sense to me. I have never judged anyone for what they looked like or how they dressed. I’ll only judge someone if they have a horrible personality!

When I was younger I got a lot of judgeful looks, I am a tomboy and a girly girl all in one. Some people just didn’t understand that, ‘She wears makeup but playes video games? That’s so weird!’ So what if I am a bit weird, I am me and that’s all I ever wanted to be! I will do my nails and makeup, I always want to look my best but I am not afraid to get in a fight. I might look sweet and cute but do not underestimate me, I am hot headed and will never back down! That is just the way I am and that is fine.

Hopefully you understand now why I named my blog ‘Be Unique’ and that you from now on won’t be judging anyone for being who they are! You can only judge people who are mean of are just horrible in general. And remenber to always be who you are! You are perfect just the way you are, so do you and feel confedint doing it!


I hope you liked this post, they will be rather short to be honest. I do hope you all don’t mind that! Follow my blog for more amazing posts at least 2 day!

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