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6 Beauty Products Every “Game of Thrones” Fan Needs

In anticipation of the Game of Thrones season finale, we can’t help but imagine all of the ways to prep for the big night. Braids? Cloaks? We’re thinking makeup is a good place to start. To get in the spirit of things, we’re breaking down a list of makeup products that unintentionally (or intentionally!) have a Game of Thrones vibe to them. Now, time to channel our inner Daenerys!

Laneige Snow BB Cream

laneige snow bb cream

Price: $39.90 on

Fun fact: Laneige means “natural snow” in French. So how appropriate for this to be one of our GoT picks! One of the major benefits of BB cream is its ability to effortlessly glide on skin, and this is cream of the crop. As a plus, Laneige’s formula is infused with silicone to lock in your skin’s natural moisture. White Walkers will only wish their skin looked this good!

Protect The Wolves Eye Shadow Trio

wolf eyeshadow

Price: $70 on

Inspired by the coats of Timber Wolves (and, let’s be honest, probably Direwolves, too) the Chantecaille palette resembles the soft, velvety coats of our furry friends. The colors are sultry and incredibly blendable—a makeup lover’s dream!

Mother of Dragons Eyeshadow

mother of dragons

Price: $6.50 on

There’s no denying this metallic royal purple was made for a queen. Shiro’s “Mother of Dragons” shade is a soft, blendable hue that can be subtle or dramatic—much like the Khaleesi herself.

Rodial Dragon’s Blood Hyaluronic Toning Spritz

Rodial Dragon's Blood

Price: $42 on

We couldn’t have a Game of Thrones-inspired article without bringing in dragon’s blood. Rodial Dragon’s Blood Hyaluronic Tonic only sounds scary—the formula brightens your complexion and relieves redness. Plus, the infused rose water tones and conditions skin to keep it firm.

Cougar Platinum Snow Algae Facial Serum

platinum snow algae

Price: $23.99 on

This nourishing facial serum infused with snow algae powder works as a moisturizer to promote a youthful glow. Just a few drops goes a long way with this find. Our friends north of the Wall would approve!

Cover Girl Queen Collection 3-in-1 Foundation

cover girl queen

Price: $10.06 at Walmart

The CoverGirl Queen Collection 3-in-1 Foundation combines liquid concealer and powder into one foundation. It creates a shine-free flawless look that is strong enough to last an entire battle—or at least an entire episode.

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