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Insta Trend: Face Gloss

Long gone are the days when gloss was only meant for lips. This summer, shining, shimmering products are making their way into the hands of daring beauty fanatics and onto so much more than lips. It might sound crazy, but skin that appears to be wet and dewy is trending in a big way.

The scoop: Face gloss creates look like that of strobing but taken to the extreme. It’s applied the same way as a normal highlighter would be–smoothed on your cheekbones and the bridge of your nose. It gives your skin an ultra dewy, wet-looking glow every time the light hits it.

Breaking it down: Face glosses are typically formulated with a silicone base which can feel slightly sticky at first but, they dry to a velvety finish. Not ready to commit to purchasing? You can get creative and use products such as rosehip oil to achieve the same look.

Why we love it: Since the rise of the matte look in the ’90s (and its recent resurgence) beauty has been all about minimizing shine. But, the rise of strobing and now face gloss means even ladies with naturally oily skin can be on trend. If you’re not into the look of a fully glossed face, try this product in lieu of eyeshadow. It creates a sultry, wet look on the lids.


Face gloss products worth trying:

milk makeup

Product: MILK MAKEUP Face Gloss, $20 at Sephora

Milk Makeup’s face gloss is a clear, non-sticky face gloss that provides a colorless finish on bare skin or on top of foundation.


Product: Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil, $17.25 on

It’s not your typical face gloss product, but it works just the same. With just 2-3 drops, you can achieve that summery, dewy glow. As a plus, it’s incredibly lightweight and absorbs quickly into the skin.

Ramy face gloss

Product: Ramy Face Gloss, $18.50 on

The Ramy Face Gloss works as a cheek highlighter, eye gloss, and lip moisturizer. The formula contains antioxidants as well as Aloe Vera for that extra healthy moisture.

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