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The Face Shape Guide to Sunnies

You’d be surprised how a simple swap in sunglass style can completely change your look. Once you learn which sunnies style suits your face shape, you’ll be able to see and feel the flattering difference. The simple trick to finding your match—look for the opposite of your face shape.
Face Shape: Round

Do: Straight and geometric frames—the wider across your face, the better.

Don’t: Round frames and narrow styles.

Ray Ban

To offset your naturally round features, try angular frames. They will elongate your face, sharpening your relatively soft features. Check out these Ray-Ban Classic Clubmaster Sunglasses from Ray-Ban for $150.00.


Face Shape: Oval

Do: Small-to-medium sized round or square frames. Keep it neutral.

Don’t: Oversized frames.


#Blessed to have an ovular face—you can basically wear whatever you want! You’re pretty much in the green to shop for whatever style suits your personality. Check out these Starlight Tortoise Cateye Sunglasses from New York Glass for $47.95.
Face Shape: Heart

Do: Oval or round shaped frames and frames with a broader bottom. Choose metal over chunky plastic and try light colors.

Don’t: Top heavy frames will draw attention to the top of your face giving it an unbalanced appearance.


A bottom-heavy frame will counterbalance a broad brow line and narrow chin. Remember that frames that are parallel or extend past the width of your face will compliment your strong jawline. Check out these Outlook Eyewear Keiko Aviator Sunglasses from ULTA for $28.00.
Face Shape: Square

Do: Oval or round-shaped frames that are dark in color.

Don’t: Square frames or light colors.


Offset your sharp features with a round frame. The curvy frame will soften your overall look, check out these Burberry Sunglasses from Designer Optics for $160.80.

This is all very simple really, I hope this helps, let me know in the comments! Head to the Influenster website for more! Follow my blog for more amazing posts at least 2 day!

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