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Ingredient Breakdown: Probiotics

By now, most skincare fanatics know that miracle, fix-it-all ingredients don’t really exist. In fact, science shows that a beauty routine that incorporates several high-powered ingredients is the best way to combat signs of aging, skin damage, and all those other fun things we deal with on a daily basis. But, how do you know which ingredients are worth the hype? We’re making it easy! Welcome to our new series: Ingredient Breakdown. Here, we’ll give you the must-know info on both trending and mainstay ingredients. Today we’re spotlighting probiotics.

Often, probiotics come to mind when we think of yogurt or other dairy products. Chances are, the thought of having any kind of cosmetic with bacteria in it isn’t totally appealing—but it should be! Probiotics are the good kind of bacteria, and your skin will thank you for incorporating them into your routine.

The Ingredient: probiotics

Also known as:  Lactobacillus is the most common probiotic and is found in yogurt and many other foods. Bifidobacterium is another type of probiotic.

Quick take: redness-reducing, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, hydrating

Claims to fame: Though research on probiotics has been conducted since the ’90’s, they’re just beginning to be incorporated into the cosmetics market. Skincare lines are recognizing the immense benefits of these healthy bacterias. They prevent collagen damage (a.k.a. aging), hydrate skin (read: soothes eczema and other skin irritations), and calm breakouts. Probiotic skincare regimens work in much the same way a probiotic-fueled diet does. In the same way yogurt regulates the digestive system by eliminating negative bacteria and balancing pH levels, probiotic creams do the same for skin.

Where to find it:

1. TULA Hydrating Day & Night Cream, $52 from 

TULA’s cream is packed with natural oils and extracts that will give your skin the hydration it’s been craving. Specifically formulated for both daytime and nighttime use, it isn’t too heavy and it moisturizes white fighting fine lines and wrinkles (thank you, probiotics).

2. Andalou Naturals Brightening Probiotic Plus C Renewal Cream, 1.7 Fluid Ounce, $24.95 from 

Probiotics + Vitamin C? A match made in heaven. This cream evens skin tone and promotes healthy cell growth to keep you glowing.

3. Acure Organics Sensitive Facial Cleanser Argan Oil + Probiotic Fragrance Free, $9.99 from

Acure’s blend of pumpkin seed oil and probiotics make it a good choice for dry and sensitive skin.

4. Clinique Redness Solutions Makeup Broad Spectrum SPF 15 With Probiotic Technology, $27 from 

This oil-free makeup combines the power of probiotics with the functionality of foundation. Swap out your old face makeup for a shade of this Clinique to soothe skin and minimize breakouts and flushing.

5. Bioelements Probiotic Anti-aging Serum, 1-Ounce, $38.59 from 


To reduce wrinkles and calm irritation, try using this serum once a day. Just one ounce promises to last two and a half months!

What probiotic-enriched cosmetics have you tried? Which ones would you like to try? Head to the Influenster website for more! Follow my blog for more amazing posts at least 2 day!

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