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Tuesday’s Commuter Tales: Recipes of The Week

To help ease the #struggle of deciding what topack for lunch, we’re starting a spinoff series—Recipe of The Week. This week, we’re bringing it back to basics and putting a twist on an elementary school lunch: deli meat or cheese roll-ups. It’s really quite simple, sliced deli meat and cheese with any fillers you love. Here are three of my favorite lunchtime roll ups:

1. Turkey-Lettuce Wraps


Romaine lettuce / Turkey / Mustard / Via I Am Going Down

A-B-C, 1-2-3, Turkey-Lettuce-Mustard—all easy as can be. I love to add avocado slices for a little extra protein (that means fuller longer), and they’re delicious. You simply lay out the lettuce, put a slice (or two) of turkey on top of that, a smear of mustard (or another spread), a slice of avocado, and roll it up! I usually make 4-6 for a perfectly filling lunch.


2. Salami and Cream Cheese Roll-Ups


Salami / Peppers / Cream Cheese / Via The Low-carb Diet

I have been partial to the salami and cream cheese combo since I was little. Now, I spice it up with the crunch of a fresh yellow, orange, or red pepper (and scallions if I have them at home). Salty salami, creamy cheese, crunchy pepper, and a tangy scallion make for a mouthful of delicious flavor.


3. Mediterranean Cucumber Roll-Ups 


Cucumber / Roasted red peppers / Hummus / Feta / Via The Wholesome Dish

Thinly sliced cucumber filled with roasted red peppers, hummus, and feta is perfect for our vegetarian Influencers. I try to go meat-free a few times a week to mix it up. Let the Mediterranean flavors swoop you away to a happy place at lunchtime.

Which one are you going to try first? Let us know in the comments below! Head to the Influenster website for more! Follow my blog for more amazing posts at least 2 day!

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