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Friday Fives: Favorite ELf-Cosmetics Products

Elf-Cosmetics (Eyes Lips Face) is one of my favorite beauty brands out there! They have an online shop where you can see there products, read reviews and ofcoure but them! They are available in many countries, there are some shops in Amercia but buying online is so much easier!

Moisturizing Lipstick


Price: $3

They are available in many different shades. They all have a nice smell to it and taste just as nice. The color doesn’t last all day, so you do have to apply it multible times a day. But for such a low price, who really cares about that?

Intense Ink Eyeliner


Price: $3

This is my everyday eyeliner, I always use this one whenever I go for a bold eyeliner or a cat-eye! And yet again it is very cheap, just like all products form elf cosmetics! It is a great eyeliner for a bold look or just a thin line, you can do whatever look you want with it. It is also very easy to use, not like a liquid eyeliner (I can’t use those at all!).

Perfect Brow Set


Price: $8

This is a set of 7 pieces, it has all you need for the perfect eyebrows! This product goes out of stock very fast but I managed to get my hands on one! At this moment there is just one varient, no color differences. I don’t really like that since everyone has a different shade of hair and eyebrow color. But if this brown works for you then it is perfect!

Mad for Matte Eyeshadow Palette


Price: $10

Like the name said, this is a eyeshadow palette for every beauty freak that loves matte colors. They have many palettes with nude colors or one for a night out. But this one is by for my favorite, it has some nude colors and some that you could use for a night out!

Acne Fighting Foundation


Price: $6

A foundation for just $6! And it helps against acne! This product is made for me! Putting on makeup can really make your acne get worse, I’ve struggeled with it a long time. But this foundation lets your skin breath and helps fight/prevent acne. This is a dream for every teenager!

Have you ever tried any of these products? Or have you bought other elf cosmetics products? Let us know in the comments and tell us your experience with them!

Lots of Love!





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