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Friday Fives: A Style Blogger’s Beauty Essentials

Meet Alice Kerley, a fashion-obsessed, 20-something and the blogger behind the Lone Star Looking Glass. The Lone Star Looking Glass is a lifestyle blog sharing Alice’s everyday fashion, style tips, and adventures in Texas and beyond. After poring over her amazing Instagram pics, we had to ask Alice to tell us about the products behind her flawless look. Fashion, beauty, and photography fans should check out her Pinterest or follow her on Twitter. So, what does this on-the-go fashionista stay looking fresh and flawless? Read on to find out!

Alice Kerley of The Lone Star Looking Glass

1. Mermaid Perfume

Mermaid Perfume


A girl’s gotta have her perfume, and Alice couldn’t agree more! “Every time I travel someplace new, I like to bring along a new perfume to use during our trip! (And after of course.) Now whenever I spritz Mermaid Perfume, the orange blossom and coconut scent reminds me of my recent trip to Northern California. After all, smell is the strong sense of all! Plus, I have a tiny little (huge) obsession with Mermaids and I still can’t get over the fun name!

Price: $50 at Anthropologie


2. Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick

Like most girls, Alice loves blush. “My favorite way to top off my makeup is with a little bit of shine!”

Price: $46 at Sephora


3. TULA Hydrating Day and Night Cream

TULA Hydrating Day and Night Cream

How does Alice get her beautiful, glowy skin? Tula Day & Night Cream. “I put this on every morning before I apply my makeup, and at night after I wash my face. It’s a lightweight moisturizer that keeps my face hydrated all day and night.”

Price: $52 at TULA


4. Clarins Crayon Kohl Eyeliner in Smokey Plum

Clarins Crayon Kohl Eyeliner

Eyeliner may be a girl’s best secret weapon for show-stopping eyes and Alice couldn’t agree more! “It’s shocking what dark purple eyeliner can do for green eyes! Paired with shades of purple and brown eyeshadow, this smokey plum eyeliner makes my green eyes pop!”

Price: $26 at Clarins 


5. Smashbox Brow Tech Shaping Powder

Smashbox Brow Tech Shaping Powder

Eyebrow makeup can be daunting because not all formulas are created equal. Luckily, brow powders are the easiest to use and give the most subtle results (depending how much you use). Here are Alice’s tips: “This little gem is a game changer. A few quick swipes of matte powder, and suddenly my brows are that much fuller. It also looks extremely natural, which I love.”

Price: $26 at Sephora


We hope you enjoyed this Friday Fives as much as we did! Should this become a weekly thing? Love any of Alice’s go-to beauty products? Let us know in the comments below! Head to the Influenster website for more!

Lots of Love!




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