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Beauty News: Everything new in the beauty world this week

As an in-the-know Influensters you like to stay up to date on the newest and greatest in product news so we’re bringing you the highlights every week with our Beauty News series! Read on for all the latest.

Yves Saint Laurent launches exotic new perfume—Mon Paris.

YSL perfume

Photo courtesy via WWD

If you loved Yves Saint Laurent’s Black Opium perfume, odds are you’ll absolutely adore the new Mon Paris Perfume. The idea behind Mon Paris is to ‘bring a very modern twist.’ The packaging is as chic as the brand—with a black pendant that hangs around its neck. The scent is a seductive mix of spicy and woody notes.

The perfume will launch June 6th, then on June 13th in Sephora’s Paris flagship.

Contour fanatics, rejoice! Artis launches tools to perfect the flawless sculpt.

contour brushes

Photo courtesy via WWD

Every contour queen knows the trick to mastering the look lays all in the hands of the brushes. The $425 Digit Collection Skincare 5 Brush Set is a limited edition collection that sells on and The brushes are made of CosmeFibre SC that are designed specifically for skin-care use. If you need to brush up on your brush technique skills, the company offers tutorial videos on the site.

Corrective skin care company, Onamie, introduces a new priming serum.

Skin serum

Photo courtesy via WWD

The Powerful Priming Serum is a dual-purpose formula that gives the skin a nice, soft finish. It can be used right before applying makeup. The serum contains three skin boosting ingredients: Blackjack Botanica—an ingredient that slows down the melanin—Daisy Flower Extract to prevent dark spots, and Willow Bark Extract that acts as a natural exfoliate. As a plus, the product comes in a chic baby pink package.

Soko Glam founder starts her own blog centered on K-beauty trends—The Klog.

the klog

Photo courtesy via The Klog

Charlotte Cho, co-founder, is launching her own blog catered to Korean beauty fans. The inspiration for The Klog stemmed from Cho’s trips to Asia where she realized a desire of Korean trends to the U.S. market. The team of editors for The Klog will cover news about products, artist insights, product recommendations, makeup, and tutorials.

Hugo Boss launches new feminine scent for the summer.

Hugo Boss perfume

Photo corutesy via WWD

The newest Hugo Boss women’s scent, The Scent For Her, is a mix of notes like peach, roasted cocoa, and apricot. Guillaume Tardy, the global director of Hugo Boss fragrances, said the fragrance is meant to smell “luxurious” and “seductive.”

So, which launch are you most excited about? Tell us in the comments below! Head to the Influenster website for more!

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