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Beauty 101: Curly Hair Guide to Hair Oils

Question: what is hair oil and how do I get it? As a curly (frizzy) haired woman who finds herself using heating tools to tame the curls, my hair is often left as dry as a desert – not to mention as coarse as gravel. So I’ve finally taken it upon myself find out if hair oil actually does anything for my unfortunate locks, and if so, which oil should I use? *Cue montage of me researching hair oils. *

Answer: Turns out the hair oil “phenomenon” isn’t a phenomenon, but rather a real thing. Curly hair is less hydrated than straight hair, and with that lack of hydration comes the dreaded frizz. This dehydration is also the cause of those despised split ends. The hydration that some lucky ladies have comes from the scalp and slides down the hair. Does this happen with curly hair? Not so much. To get those oils we want (and need) hair oils are an amazing option.

The fine print: there are two types of oils that have different usages and should be applied at separate times. The two types are sealing oils and moisturizing oils. Sealing oils are the types you apply when you use conditioner in the shower – you need to wet your hair before using them. However, moisturizing oils don’t need to (and shouldn’t) be applied when your hair is wet. They’re heavy, and can moisturize on their own!

So, which oils should you use? Always use sealing oils in the shower, but don’t forget about the healing powers of the moisturizing oils. Moisturizing oils can be used in place of or in addition to the sealing oils.


Below are three kinds of hair oils every curly haired girl should know about:


1. Olive oil

olive oil


Gourmet Artisan Olive Oil | Filippo Berio Olive Oil | Bertolli Olive Oil

I know this sounds weird, but olive oil actually prevents dandruff, hair loss, promotes scalp health, improves hair strength and, on top of all of this, makes your hair shiny and soft. Olive oil also can somewhat act as a shampoo because it washes away a build-up of dirt and contaminants in your hair. I haven’t tried it in place of shampoo, but I’ve used it as a conditioner and it does wonders.


2. Argan oil

argan oil


Moroccan Argan Oil | Josie Maran | Proclaim Argan Oil

Rich with vitamin A and E, the oil native to Morocco promotes healthy skin and hair – talk about a bang for your buck. You can use argan oil products as moisturizers, exfoliators and most importantly, as a leave in conditioner. Argan oil helps tame frizz and pesky fly-aways while simultaneously promoting hair growth. I suggest using only a few drops of this because it’s thick, but if you happen to have extra, rub it on your hands, legs or face for a nice moisturizing session.



3. Lavender oil

lavender oil


Woolzies Lavender OilNOW Foods Lavender Oil | Lavender Kashmir 

Although less common, this oil works wonders on your hair, especially if it’s dry. Lavender oil soothes dryness and itching – thus, aiding in your efforts to fight dandruff. It’s been known to invigorate the scalp and promote better, healthier hair growth as a result. The added bonus? Lavender is most commonly used for therapeutic purposes, specifically in aromatherapy, to aid in stress and tension relief. So, put it on right before bed – you’ll get a good night’s rest knowing your hair is taken care of.


What are you favorite hair oils? Tell us in the comments below! Head to the Influenster website for more!


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