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Beauty 101: Benefits of Green Tea

We are swooning over green tea! Between its fat-burning properties, antioxidants, and caffeine — green tea has quickly become the holy grail of teas. However, what many do not know is that you do not have to drink green tea to reap its benefits. Green tea is a killer topical ingredient, and combats both acne and aging.


1. Anti-Aging

Everyday our skin is exposed to harsh ingredients, environmental stressors, pollutants, stress, and heat. Over time, these take a toll on our skin. Green tea reverses these curses with OPCs (powerful antioxidants), stopping the formation of free radicals — a major culprit of premature aging. These properties also reactivate skin cells, creating a more youthful glow. Combined, these properties generate an awakening effect, diminishing the appearance of: dark circles, sagging skin, wrinkles, crows feet, and dark spots. A green tea mask does an excellent job at targeting these issues.

Sundari Green Tea Mask / Sephora Green Tea Mask / Bosica Green Tea Mask


2. Acne

Green tea contains Catechin, an ingredient that has anti-bacterial properties. Since much of acne is due to the activity of bacteria, green tea is effective at clearing acne. Also, the properties in green tea bind to a group of sex hormones that disrupt your skin, helping to eliminate the kind of acne that originiates from hormonal imbalance (one theory of why green tea reduces your risk of breast and prostate cancer). These everyday moisturizers create intense hydration while also fighting acne. The end result: a fierce glow.

NOW Pomegranate Green Tea / Alba Botanica Green Tea Aloe / 100% Cosmetics Jasmine Green Tea


3. Drink Up! 

Carving out a 30 minute facial can be less than ideal. Drinking green tea can give you many of these benefits without getting your hands dirty. Chances are if you look at the ingredient list of any weightloss supplement, green tea will be on there. Remember that ingredient Catechin that helped to fight acne? Catechin also helps to elevate norephinephrine, the body’s primary fat burning hormone — providing a safe, natural way to burn body fat.

A huge benefit of green tea is caffeine! This is not just any caffeine, green tea has L-theanine, an amino acid that releases caffeine more slowly (this means no jitters!). Thus, green tea is gentlier on your system, making for less wear and tear on your body (and less need for a detox!).

Tazo Iced Green Tea /  Lemon Ginger Green Tea /  Tazo Zen Green Tea


So many benefits, in so many ways! How you like green tea?! Let us know in the comments below! Head to the Influenster website for more!


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