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5 Products For an Instant Glow

Have an August wedding that you to want to turn heads at? Or perhaps it’s a reunion coming up – you’ll want to look so good that your high school boyfriend (and your entire graduating class) can’t help but notice. They say that all good things take time, but when it comes to your appearance, that phrase doesn’t cut it.

Here are some products for those of you seeking instant gratification — but let’s be real, thats all of us.

1. Clarisonic

I received the a Clarisonic Mia last Christmas from my mother, and in retrospect this was a subtle hint that I needed to upgrade my skin care regimen. I was hesitant at first but now I can’t go a day without using it! Clarisonic cleans your face 6 times better than regular face-washing, which for me, meant a smaller investment in coverup, rapid acne serums, and facials.

It also helps skincare products absorb better, making for a flawless skin treatment program. The gentle sonic frequency helps to stimulate collagen (great if you want anti-aging benefits), diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and create more radiant skin. Benefits appear within the first week of using Clarisonic, give it three and you’re on your way to flawlessly glowing skin.

Clarisonic Mia 2

What Influensters Are Saying:

How To Do It:

1. Apply Cleanser to face

2. Turn on Clarisonic, and use the bristled brush until the head beeps (the timer is up).

3.  Wash cleanser off face & moisturize.

Image via Sephora



2. GLO Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening System

Teeth whitening alone can create a more youthful glow. However, using whitening strips can often take a while, and they can leave you with either sensitive teeth or gums. GLO teeth whitening system can whiten teeth five shades lighter in as little as five days. GLO has an easy to use system, combining gel vials (not strips) and UV light. So you can sit back, and watch your mouth go a glow!

GLO Whitening Toothpaste / GLO Whitening Set

We are also in love with GLO whitening toothpaste!

How To Do It:

1. Apply a thin layer or whitening gel (gel vials) to your upper and lower teeth.

2. Place mouthpiece in mouth.

3. Turn on GLO device.

4. Leave in for only 8 minutes!


3. Sunless Tanning

There’s a reason people say you look healthier with a little bit of color. A glow might seem easy now, but come winter even a slight tan is difficult to come by. Jergens offers a great product — taking streaks, smudges, and smell out of the equation. Producing a dark, luminous glow, Jergens strays far away from a pumpkin hue. Within the first application of self tanner there is a noticable difference, and it is buildable, so you can add several applications depending on your desired shade. Our other top picks are St. Tropez and Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs! Sally Hansen is the perfect choice for a last minute tanned legs before going out. And St. Tropez just about revolutionized everything we think about self tanning.

Jergens Natural Glow / Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs / St. Tropez Dark Tanning Lotion

What Influensters Are Saying:

How To Do It:

1. Exfoliate in the shower.

2. Apply self tanner.

3. Apply lotion to elbows, underarms, knuckles, and knees to avoid streaks.

4. Shower 4-8 hours after self-tanner application.


4. White Eyeliner

image via Cosmopolitan

Too Faced White Eyeliner

White eyeliner has been a well-know beauty hack for a while now. Whereas black eyeliner can sometimes make your eyes appear smaller, white eyeliner has the opposite effect — making for an awakened look. Talk about instant pick me up! There are sooo many ways to use white eyeliner to create an instant awake-like glow – so, really the possibilities are endless!

What Influensters Are Saying:

How To Do It:

1. Trace your lower waterline.

2. Trace the inner “v” corner of the eyes.

3. You can either add black eyeliner on your top lids or continue using white!


5. Fish Oil

Nature Made Fish Oil

The best kept beauty secrets might not be cosmetic. Fish oil is high in omega three, a fatty acid that does wonders for your skin and hair. Omega-3s nourish your hair follicles, creating healthier, shinier hair. Helping support a healthy inflammatory response, Omega-3s give give your skin a glowing, hydrated appearance. Fish oil takes about two weeks for results to materialize. That’s more than enough turn around time for anyone who has a big event or wedding in the coming months!

What Influensters Are Saying:

How to Do It:

1. Take these vitamins daily.

2. Watch the results!



So, which of these products do you want to give a try? Tell us about it in the comments below! Head to the Influenster website for more!


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