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Ways to Keep Your Dog Cool in the Summer

Warm temperatures can be difficult for everyone to cope with, but extra attention should be given to our four-legged friends in the summer months. Because the only way they release heat is by panting and a few sweat glands between their toes, dogs can easily become overheated. Keeping your pup happy and healthy during the summer is all about keeping him hydrated and cool. We’ve rounded up some tips on the best ways to prevent your canine from overheating, check them out to keep everyone healthy this season:

Tip 1: Avoid Overheated Environments

Limit or avoid putting your dog in environments that will cause them to overheat. Never leave your pet in an unattended vehicle—on a 75-degree day the temperature inside a parked car can reach 115-degrees within an hour! Also, avoid walking your pup on hot surfaces like asphalt. Your dog’s paws are as sensitive as the soles of your feet—if it’s too hot for you to walk on, it’s likely it’s too hot for your pup! Try to alternate between pavement and grass to get your dog some relief. If your dog is especially sensitive, you can buy pet booties for added protection.

Chaplin enjoying play time in the shade

Find a shady spot for your dog to enjoy the outdoors. Being in the shade can make the air feel 10 to 15 degrees colder!

Tip 2: Water is Key 

Make sure your dog is drinking enough water at home. Dogs can be finicky if there’s a weird smell or residue in the bowl, so make sure the bowl is kept clean and the water is replenished often! Invest in a Collapsible Travel Dog Bowl so your furry friend doesn’t have to wait until you’re home to get another drink.

Beau contemplating going for a refreshing swim

Dogs also love to splash around in water to keep cool. If you don’t have access to a dog-friendly body of water, fill a kiddie pool in your yard for them to get some relief. Never use ice to cool down your canine, it can cool their body temperature too quickly and constrict blood flow—inhibiting the body from cooling.

Tip 3: Get Cooling Gear

Help your dog stay cool by investing in apparel and accessories that will help cool them down. For the home, a cooling bed will give them a comfy spot to lower their body temperature. While you’re out-and-about, a cooling vest uses a water reservoir to exchange your pup’s body heat and keep them cool outside. A raised, portable doggy bed is perfect for your dog to lounge on while you’re on a picnic or other outing. Letting air circulate under them will help cool down their underside.

Dr. Watson would love some cooling gear


Tip 4: Proper Grooming

Getting your dog the right cut will keep them cool during warm summer months. The shortest cut possible isn’t always the best for keeping your dog cool. If your pup is double coated, the top “guard hairs” actually act as insulation against heat and sunburn. Make sure the undercoat is properly maintained. If it becomes matted, it will prevent airflow across your dog’s skin. Using a dog brush often will remove dead fur and keep your pet’s coat healthy and comfortable.

your dog's fur can help regulate their body temperature, groom them properly!

Tip 5: Cool Treats

Dogs love eating, use this to your advantage and give them cool treats with high water content in the summer! Dogsters Ice Cream Style Treats For Dogs come in delicious flavors like ‘peanut butter and cheese’ that your pup won’t be able to resist. Frozen broth popsicles are also another easy treat your dog will love. For a quick, no-prep snack, chilled cucumber is a great option that is full of water.

How do you keep your pup cool during the summer? Share with us in the comments! Head to the Influenster website for more!


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