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The 10 Best Hair Styling Products for Men

Even the most laid-back guy knows that the right hairstyle can take your look from casual to cool in seconds. Whether your daily look involves jeans and sneakers or a tailored suit—you’ll find a hair product with the right amount of hold and shine in the list below. The ten products below have been voted the best of the best by guys like you. See and shop them now!

1. Old Spice Spiffy Sculpting Pomade, $8

The Scoop: This workable pomade has a matte finish and moderate hold to keep your hair in place without the tell-tale crunch some products leave behind.

What Influensters Are Saying: “It doesn’t feel greasy in my hair, it keeps my hair in place, doesn’t seem too affected by sweat, is flexible and can be reshaped throughout the day, and smells amazing.” – Stuart K., 31

2. Suave Men Heritage Edition Matte Styling Gel, about $5

The Scoop: This light hold gel was inspired by vintage styling products. It leaves hair styled yet shine free and smells great.

What Influensters Are Saying: “This was an affordable gel that still got the job done. Great smell and great texture. Smooth and not flakey but a strong hold.” – Will B., 23

3. Redken For Men Grip Tight Holding Gel, about $15

The Scoop: This flake-free includes protein and carbs to nourish your hair while you rock your favorite style. It provides medium shine and a firm hold.

What Influensters Are Saying: “This Grip Tight Redken gel is superb! It has an amazing smell and a long lasting hold!” – Nathan Ezekial R., 19

4. Old Spice Unruly Texturizing Paste, $7

The Scoop: If your signature style is casual and messy, this paste provides the perfect medium hold and texture.

What Influensters Are Saying: “Very lightweight, creamy, and not at all sticky or waxy. The product claims to have a medium hold and a textured finish. I used this for a more messy look. It tamed down flyways, and what I liked most is that it gave my hair a really great glowy, clean look. ” – Nick, 18

5. American Crew Pomade For Hold and Shine, about $15 

The Scoop: If you love the wet look, this pomade offers a high shine finish and medium hold.

What Influensters Are Saying: “Very easily applied to wet hair for the ‘wet’ look with good hold, and just as easily applied to dry hair just for the hold which is what I prefer. ” – Andrew A., 21

6. Aussie Men Hair Gel, $8

The Scoop: This tight hold gel keeps unruly strands in place without disappearing or flaking.

What Influensters Are Saying: “This gel holds well. I have cowlicks in my hair and it keeps them in check. It also lasts all day and does not seem to disappear like some other hair gels do.” – Ryan J., 33

7. Kerastase New Homme Capital Force Gel Extra-Strong Styling For Men, $25

The Scoop: This fast-drying gel rescues flat, limp hair by adding texture and density.

What Influensters Are Saying: “My husband used it and he could not stop talking about it! He’s always telling his friends, and saying that Kerastase does wonders.” –Salamot B., 35 

8. Matrix Men Energel Flexible Styling Gel, $14 

The Scoop: This gel combines holding power with a clean, touchable finish and an invigorating scent. Plus, a little goes a long way.

What Influensters Are Saying: “I have three boys and they absolutely love it, they use it daily and they love the way it styles their hair would definitely recommend it to everyone.” – Leticia G.

9. Baxter of California Slick Pomade, $20

The Scoop: This pomade’s claim to fame is that it adds texture and separtion without weighing your hair down.

What Influensters Are Saying: “Great product! Keeps your hair into place and smells great. It washes out easily and it is easy to put into your hair. Leaves your hair smooth and slick. ” – Joshua J., 20

10. Blind Barber 90 Proof Strong Hold Pomade, $18

The Scoop: Infused with conditioning hops and inspired by old-school styling products, this protein-rich styling pomade leaves hair with a strong hold yet workable matte finish.

What Influensters Are Saying: “My absolute favorite pomade. Doesn’t make your hair stiff!!! I can use it to slick back my hair or just help keep it up and out of my face.” –Logan G., 23

Which these styling products do you love? Which would you like to try? Let us know in the comments section! Head to the Influenster website for more!


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