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5 Products An NYC Blogger Can’t Live Without

Meet Tara Milhem, the New York City based blogger also known on social media as The Whole Tara. You can find her oceanside in Barcelona, Thailand, Bali and Hong Kong to name a few, or posting her drool-worthy recipes on her Instagram. Any food or travel fan should follow her on @thewholetara or on her blog, becuase you’ll be infinitely inspired, not to mention get your daily dose of wanderlust, by her beach shots, funny quotes, and amazing acai bowls.

We tapped this talented world traveler to find out which five products she literally can’t live without. Read below to find out which products ALWAYS make the cut in Tara’s daily routine!


1. Naturopathica Bio-Energy Lift Serum

Naturopathica Bio-Energy Lift Serum

How She Uses It: #ICYMI skin serums are everything right now. Tara swears by thisNaturopathica Bio-Energy Lift Serum. She says, “This stuff is magic, seriously. I use it before putting on makeup in the morning, and it gives a nice lift and collagen boost.”

Price: $84


2.  Nutiva Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

How She Uses It: Many of us use coconut oil for various reasons, but few of us really  use coconut oil to its full potential. Tara explains, “You can literally use this on anything: sautéing, smoothies, dry skin, damaged hair, etc. My favorite way to use coconut oil is as a moisturizer when it’s chilly out and my skin gets dry!”

Price: $11.99


3. James Read Self Tan Bronzer

James Read Self Tan Bronzer

How She Uses It: New York winters can be tough, what does she use to get a little glow going when there’s no sun in sight?! The James Read Self Tan! Tara says, “This is especially useful for New York winters. It applies with a 360 degree sprayer, takes less than a minute, and dries ASAP.”

Price: $38


4. Naturopathica Vitamin K Brightening Eye Cream

Naturopathica Vitamin K Brightening Eye Cream

How She Uses It: They say eyes are the key to the soul, and it seems like Tara couldn’t agree more! “I love bright eyes, especially when I don’t feel like putting on makeup. I apply this cream below and around the eyes, and feel an instant glow,” says Tara.

Price: $72


5. Kaplan MD Intensive Eye Concentrate

Kaplan MD Intensive Eye Concentrate

How She Uses It: Eye creams can be a total game changer when it comes to your skin care regimen. Tara says,This is my favorite night time eye cream – if you couldn’t tell, I love eye creams. It’s great at firming and tightening the skin around the eye.”

Price: $85 on Sephora


Thanks for reading this week’s Friday Fives series! Love any of these products? Want to give some a try? Let us know in the comments below! Head to the Influenster website for more!


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