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Brand Spotlight: Skinfix

Your entire family deserves soft, healthy, irritation-free skin; that’s why we’re spotlighting Skinfix. Skinfix draws on a century-old family recipe to provide the ultimate solution for the most vexing skin problems. The brand’s gentle formula uses a combination of vitamins, minerals, emollient oils, and natural pharmaceutical grade ingredients to target skin issues. But, the brand doesn’t pack their products with anything you don’t need. Every product is free of fragrance, irritants, and steroids so you and your family can achieve healthy skin, naturally.

At every step of the skin and hair care process there is a Skinfix product for your little one (or yourself!). Healthy skin is possible and these products will help your family be the best they can be:

Skinfix Cleanse

+Skinfix Gentle Hair & Body Wash – This 98% natural, mild and gentle daily 2-in-1 cleanser is formulated for your baby’s delicate skin and hair. It’s also tear-free, safe for eczema prone babies and free of soy, parabens, phthalates and sulfates!

+Skinfix Soothing Wash – This wash uses mild coconut based cleansers that gently foam and leave skin incredibly hydrated. It is a must for those with eczema-prone skin. It’s packed with colloidal oatmeal, aloe vera, vitamin e and emollient sunflower oil.

+Skinfix Moisturizing Body Wash – This soap is specially formulated for people living with diabetes and require skincare to accommodate dry, flaky and irritated skin. This gentle cleanser is less harsh than the average bar soap or body wash and uses natural ingredients to soften and heal troublesome skin.

+Skinfix Cleansing Oil Wash – This body wash is made to hydrate, parch and thirsty skin. This cleanser lightly foams and rinses off easily without leaving skin stripped or irritated.

Skinfix Moisturize

+Skinfix Ultra Rich Body Butter – This is the ultimate super quencher for dry, flaking or rough skin according to Skinfix. The natural emollient ingredients help to heal the skin barrier while the moisturizing formula relieves tightness and flaking. It makes a perfect daily moisturizer!

+Skinfix Gentle Moisturizing Baby Lotion – This lotion is gentler than other baby lotions and is perfect for eczema-prone baby skin. It is a silky lotion that is quickly absorbed by the skin and is a key part in a daily regimen to keep baby skin healthy and supple after bathing!

+Skinfix Nourishing Cream – This nourishing cream uses Skinfix’s Healthy Skin Lipid Complex to promote a healthy skin barrier and visibly improve the appearance and texture of the skin. It works to boost moisture, elasticity, and improve the collection by delivering essential nutrition to deeper levels of the skin.

+Skinfix Facial Hydrating Lotion – This facial lotion is designed to maintain flowing, plump, radiant skin while also hydrating and softening skin for healthy and happy skin you’ll be proud of! This moisturizer provides intense hydration with a lightweight texture that won’t clog pores!

Skinfix Soothe

+Skinfix Lip Repair Balm – If you are prone to dry, chapped lips, this lip repair balm will soothe your issues! It’s lightweight, yet deeply hydrating formula soothes and softens dry lips on contact.

+Skinfix Diaper Rash Balm – Heal your baby’s raw, irritated skin with this super-rich healing balm The formula safely and effectively stops diaper rash in its tracks and has been clinically proven to heal diaper rash in just one application!

+Skinfix Eczema Balm – This is the ultimate steroid-free skin fix for eczema! Steroids can harm the skin’s natural moisture barrier, Skinfix’s natural, medical alternative heals and repairs the skin barrier to gently and effectively treat problematic skin.

+Skinfix Gentle Eczema Balm – Eczema can be painful and uncomfortable for baby, this extra gentle balm was formulated to combat this red, itchy rash and reduce chronic flare-ups without upsetting your baby’s delicate skin. Better yet, it’s been proven to soothe rashes in as few as three days!

Which Skinfix product would be useful in your house? Tell us in the comments! Head to the Influenster website for more!


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