TrendingNow: Sake in Your Skincare

In need of a new beauty regimen to keep your skin on the up and up? Word on the street is that sake is becoming a popular ingredient in skincare products for boosting moisture and firmness! Yep, that’s right — your happy hour drink of choice might just be working wonders for your complexion!


How it works:

A splash of sake over your pores will balance your complexion by retaining the moisture in your skin. It delivers hydrating and brightening benefits that boost your skin from dryness to firmer, healthier skin.


Why it’s totally necessary:

As we move into spring and summer, your skin will more than likely be exposed to stronger sun rays. Over time, your skin can start to sag and stretch from this exposure. Since the sun is notorious for drying out your pores, super ingredients like sake help retain moisture to prevent aging.

Our friends at Time gave us the full low-down if you want to dig into more research!


Fun fact: Geishas have used sake as a beauty product for centuries!


Sake infused products worth trying:


SK-II Facial Treatment Essence


Boscia Sake Balm | Boscia Sake Treatment Water


Skin Sake Athletic Ointment


Kyoko Sake Infused Shaving Cream for Sensitive and Normal Skin



Have YOU tried any skincare products with sake? We’d love to know! Tell us in the comments below. Head to the Influenster website for more!




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