7 Summer Cocktails to Please a Crowd

Warm weather brings large gatherings, and large gatherings require delicious cocktails! Not only are these drinks tasty, but their big-batch recipes mean you won’t have to play bartender all night! Whether you have a barbeque, a reunion or a holiday celebration, let these summer cocktails fill you cup!

1 Basil Lemon Drop

This summery mix perfectly balances sweet and sour for a cocktail that will leave you feeling refreshed and wanting more!


What You’ll Need:

Fresh Basil / Vodka / Lemon Juice / Simple Syrup

Strawberry Moscow Mule Punch

The strawberry adds a bit of summer flavor to the Moscow mule. You’ll want to make plenty of this cocktail ahead of time, your guests will definitely be coming back for seconds!


What You’ll Need:

Vodka / Limeade / Ginger Beer / Strawberries / Strawberry Puree

3 Sparkling White Peach Sangria

This 4-ingredient sangria can be prepped in 10 minutes, giving you more time to perfect your party atmosphere without sacrificing the tasty cocktails!


What You’ll Need:

White Peaches / Peach or Apricot Brandy / Moscato Wine / Peach Seltzer Water

Cucumber Pimms Cup

A traditional Pimms Cup is served with miscellaneous fruit, but this refreshing cocktail relies solely on the cucumber to bring a fresh twist.


What You’ll Need:

Lemonade / Cucumber / Pimm’s No. 1 / Ginger Ale

5 Blood Orange Margaritas

Everyone loves a good margarita, why not mix it up with a little blood orange juice for a vibrantly colored cocktail that will have everyone saying you’re the greatest bartender ever!


What You’ll Need:

Blood Orange Juice / Lime Juice / Silver Tequila / Triple Sec / Superfine Sugar / Lime Wedge / Kosher Salt

6 The Grapefruit Sidecar

Can we all agree that this is a beautiful cocktail? Lucky for you, it’s also tasty! This cocktail is a favorite for weddings, but this batch recipe also makes it perfect for backyard get togethers!


What You’ll Need:

Brandy / Grapefruit Juice / Triple Sec / Simple Syrup

7 Honey Bourbon Sweet Tea

There truly is nothing sweeter than summertime and American Honey. This tasty cocktail is a twist on a favorite summer drink. Not to mention it’s insanely easy to make!


What You’ll Need:

Sparkling Lemonade / Iced Tea / American Honey

Did any of these cocktails catch your eye? Tell us which one you can’t wait to try in the comments!

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