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Derma Rolling

Derma Rolling. You’ve probably heard it once or twice before–it’s been around for at least the last ten years–but a recent interest in DIY med-spa treatments have propelled it back onto the beauty scene. It’s an at-home procedure that stimulates collagen growth. We’ve researched through and through, and rumor has it this tool is truly a game changer. Oh, and one more thing–there’s needles involved. But trust us, it’s actually not as bad as you think!

Let us give you the low-down…

What it is: It basically looks like a miniature lint roller, except the roller has hundreds of tiny, incredibly sharp needles. The needles come in varying lengths, which are designed specifically for different areas of the skin.

What it does: The needles penetrate the layer of skin below the surface, instigating collagen production. But, obviously, your skin isn’t injured–it’s just pricked with hundreds of tiny needles! This will create a rush of collagen, making your skin boost with youth, dissolve acne scars, treat hyperpigmentation, and decrease pore size.


Keep it clean: It’s vital that you keep your Derma Roller sanitized between uses. You want a fresh, makeup-free face before rolling. These are needles going into your skin, after all, and you want to watch what you’re putting into your skin afterward. Into the Gloss suggests disinfecting the Derma Roller with isopropyl alcohol. Don’t share your Derma Roller with friends!!


What you put on your skin after you derma roll MATTERS: Your skin becomes extra sensitive after a Derma roll, and unwanted substances can easily get trapped in your pores. Into the Gloss shared a pretty scary medical report about a woman who suffered an allergic reaction after a micro-needling session by using the wrong skin serum after. So, please be careful! It never hurts to ask a doctor if this is right for you, and what products work best for your skin.


Also, you can overdo it. Michelle Phan said on her site that too much rolling can cause real trauma (and even bleeding) and not produce your desired results. She suggests going to one micro needling session and see how your skin reacts.


When you SHOULDN’T roll:

+When you’re sunburnt

+When you have an active breakout


IMPORTANT NOTE–The size of the needles matter:

According to Into the Gloss, you’re supposed to opt for needles between 0.5 and 1.5-millimeter needles in length—anything smaller won’t stimulate collagen, anything bigger can cause damage on sensitive areas of the face. Here’s a little derma roller shop guidethat’ll give you the full step-by-step choosing the right tool for you. But, with needles this long, you should NEVER use it daily, or even once a week. Be patient and use it once every four to six weeks.


Plastic surgeon Leonard B. Miller, clinical instructor of surgery at Harvard Medical School, told The LA Times, the procedure is particularly effective in improving skin texture and reducing wrinkles on the forehead. But he emphasizes that not all skin reacts the same way — some will have excellent results while others may see little change.


And finally, how you actually do it:

First and foremost, your skin should be makeup free and cleaned well to avoid infection. The protocol is pretty technical, so we think you should head over to see what the experts say themselves on the Derma Roller website so you can get the full turotial.  And speaking of tutorials, watch them while you do it! There’s nothing more educational than watching how it’s done.

And, a good rule of thumb: ASK YOUR DERMATOLOGIST ABOUT IT FIRST! We love following the latest trends in beauty, but health and safety come first. Talk to your doctor to see if this is right for you.


Derma rolling products:


Benevolent Derma Roller .55mm Nettle Length | Nylea® Derma Roller – Skin Care – Acne Treatment | Benevolent Derma Roller .55mm Nettle Length | Puruskin Derma Roller 1.5, 1.0, &.5 mm


What’s your take on this tool? Have any of you tried it? We’re curious to hear about your experiences and results!Tell us in the comments below.

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