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Foods That Will Make Your Skin Better

Too often we try to treat troublesome skin only with topical solutions. But what we eat has a tremendous effect on our appearance and mood. Whether you are worried about wrinkles or acne, one of these superfoods can help you get the skin YOU want! Many of these foods are already in your refrigerator or pantry. So take a look at this list and change the way you look at food:


It’s official, chocolate is good for you! Youbeauty states that dark chocolate–with 70% or more cocoa– has significant beauty benefits! Cocoa contains flavonoids that help keep platelets less sticky and reduce your risk of heart attack or stroke from a clot. But this tasty treat also has beauty benefits:

+Cocoa reduces stress hormones which means less collagen breakdown in the skin and fewer wrinkles!

+Flavonols help your skin protect itself from UV damage, fight free radicals and also increases blood flow to the skin!


Sunflower seeds are an INCREDIBLE source of vitamins and minerals according toSFGate. Adding nuts and seeds to your diet can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. But sunflower seeds also contain nutrients that benefit your skin!

+Vitamin E helps your body protect against free radicals that oxidize and damage your proteins, cell membranes and DNA.

+Thiamine activates enzymes within your cells to produce more DNA.

+Copper is used by the body to create more melanin–the pigment protein that gives your skin and hair their color. Melanin also absorbs ultraviolet radiation from the sun to protect skin from tissue damage as a result of sun exposure.


Green tea has been used medicinally in China for centuries, today these tasty and beneficial leaves are consumed and used around the world because of their endless health benefits! The beautygypsie has insight into beauty benefits of this wonderful leaf!

+Vitamin K in Green tea helps to reduce puffy eyes and dark circles when used as a cold compress.

+The polyphenols in green tea neutralize free radicals which can cause significant skin damage and accelerate the aging process.

+Catechins within green tea are anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial agents that eliminate acne-causing bacteria and help regulate hormonal imbalances to get you glowing skin when used in a face mask!


Olive oil is regarded as one of the healthiest of the vegetable oils, but this versatile oil has a plethora of uses. We’ve already given you a list of ways to use olive oil throughout your life. But the Global Healing Center has found benefits exclusive to the skin:

+Vitamin E, polyphenols and phytosterols are three MAJOR antioxidants found in olive oil. When applied topically they can protect the skin from premature aging.

+Olive oil penetrates the skin and moisturizes without clogging pores. 


Pomegranates are incredibly tasty. The seeds are natures candy! But these fruits are packed with nutrients that, according to stylecrave, can benefit your health, hair and skin!

+Vitamin C found naturally in pomegranates helps in the maintenance of cartilage, bones and teeth. So you can always have a winning smile.

+Anthocyanins are a preventative agent that help to fight the onset of skin cancer!

+Pomegranate juice has antibacterial and antiviral properties to keep you looking and feeling your best!


This fall staple has incredible benefits for your skin. The International Dermal Institute has outlined some of the ways pumpkin can reveal glowing, new skin.

+Zinc is an incredible mineral for acne sufferers–it controls hormone levels and oil production, effectively fighting acne in two ways.

+Essential fatty acids and Vitamin E help to maintain good barrier function of the skin.

+Vitamin A and Vitamin C soften and sooth skin while boosting collagen to prevent the signs of aging.


These tasty, tart fruits are one of the first to ripen in the springtime. Besides their delicious flavor, strawberries are AMAZING for your skin. Bellatory explains some of the benefits:

+Folic Acid aids in cell regeneration and the production of new cells.

+Dietary Fiber helps to eliminate harmful toxins from the body, keeping them from reaching the skin and causing acne!

+Ellagic Acid prevents collagen destruction to prevent wrinkle formation while also working against UV damage.


Do you know of any superfoods that can help your skin? Are you going to be eating more of these foods in the future? Let us know in the comments!

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