Designer: Lea Peckre

In her so-called uniform – Acne jeans, Dr Martens and a Bomber jacket – French-born designer Lea Peckre does not resemble your average fashion designer. Actually, there is nothing average or simple about Lea Peckre. Already during her studies she stood out and it came as no surprise that she won the prestigious Hyères Festival in 2011 (she received the award by no less than Raf Simons himself) right after her graduation from Brussel’s La Cambre. Coming from the movie industry, her parents have influenced her creativity from early on “My parents both had a very clear vision about image and lightening. This inspired me a lot when I was a child”. Before launching her own label, Lea Peckre has worked at Givenchy, Jean-Paul Gaultier and Isabel Marant. Today, Lea Peckre is one of Paris’ most exciting and intriguing young designers.

Her designs are constructed with a touch of darkness and romance that evoke deep emotions. She seamlessly fuses together contrasting materials and shapes, adding a poetic narrative to avant-garde techniques. Casual meets sophistication, taking on an inevitably French flavour that works across many different situations. Léa shows her ready-to-wear collections at Paris fashion week. On the search of finding the right balance between the wearability of her designs and her aspiration to have a distinctive artistic vision, Lea Peckre is an inspiring new talent to follow. Lea Peckre understands to mix and match materials, shapes, yes, even emotions – she plays with any kind of contrast like no other. It is possible to buy clothes from her label online in this webshop or this one. I find her designs to be very elegant and yet apropriate to wear for many occasions.


Her social media:






Contact information:


42 rue Polonceau

75018 Paris



She has her own website where your can find ways to contact her for collaberations or to follow her work. I, for one, am looking forward to seeing more of her work.


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