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The Lazy Girl Hair Guide

We have neither the time nor knowledge to take proper care of our hair. Envious the women we see with perfectly blown out hair without fly-aways, we still can’t seem to muster the motivation to style our hair everyday.

Over many years of rolling out of bed to make it for homeroom, sprinting to 8 AM classes, and stumbling into the office 5 minutes late, we’ve acquired some tricks that are necessary for any girl’s arsenal.


According to various studies and sources, the rinse-repeat routine we’ve incorporated into our shower rituals is wrong. I, fact, if you’ve got thick, long, wavy hair you don’t have to wash your hair more than once or twice a week. If you’ve got thinner hair, you might want to wash your hair 3 times a week, but no more than that. I’ve taken to washing my hair twice a week, and use that extra time I’m not showering to sleep, or binge-watch Netflix for 30 minutes longer (this isn’t called the Lazy Girl Hair Guide for nothing!). If you need a little help stretching time between washes try finding a dry shampoo that works for you.


These simple accessories come in hundreds of fashionable varieties that will get your hair out of your eyes, smooth fly-aways, and make a simple bun or ponytail look like a fashion statement. Looking for something a little more fancy? Buy an embellished-elastic headband and roll your hair into it. All you have to do is gather the ends of your hair as though you’re making a ponytail, and tuck them into the back of it! Use bobby-pins to keep it in place and rock this festival-chic look all day, no fuss.


It’s high fashion. It’s a statement. Oh, and it takes all of 10 seconds master. If you like it messy, as I do, throw your hair on your head, catch it with a scrunchie and twist! If you prefer a sleeker look, gather your hair in the back of your head as though you’re making a high-pony tail. Twist the hair, and then twist it around your index finger. Tie it with aribbon, bow, or whatever you like, and slick back fly-aways and loose hair with boby pinsand hairspray.


Yes – these exist! Hands free hair dryers are hard to find, but the stands are easy, affordable and worth investing in. This is the ultimate hair-hack. You can blowout your hair in half the time now that you don’t have to switch back and forth between hands: Position the stand accordingly, place your dryer on in, and have at it! Need to dry your hair, but haven’t finished that essay for your class that’s in 30 minutes? Do your hair and write that conclusion all at once with one of these!

What are your favorite hair tricks? Tell us in the comments below!

Go to the Influenster site for more!


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