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Makeup for Green Eyes

green eyes.jpg


For your eye shadows in general, try to find colors that are red-based rather than blue-based. Red-based colors bring out the beautiful green in your eyes.

Copper tones work great for any and all green eyes because it really makes them pop and really makes them look beautiful.

Don’t be afraid to play with some purple colors,

Silver and gray eyeshadows do not exactly look all that great with green eyes. Stick to warm colors and plums.

If you have light green eyes, framing them in darker green or allowing some dark green eyeshadow is great! Remember, just go darker or lighter than your own green eyes color.


Black eyeliner is an option but plum and violet eyeliner is much better for green eyes and really will make the green in your eyes stand out. If you use black liner, do so in the waterline to add definition.


Green eyes are so rare and breathtaking that you should want them to be noticed!

You should wear extra-lengthening mascara and attract attention to your eyes.

Brown mascara can look subtly beautiful on women with green eyes!

It’s simple, yet makes a considerable difference in your appearance!


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