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Makeup for Blue Eyes



Layering your lids with a rust-colored shadow is the quickest way to draw attention to blue eyes. The warm color makes your blue eyes stand out.
For a trendy fall color, opt for purple over emerald or cobalt. Blue eyes can get lost in blue and green shadows, but purple shadows help accentuate them.
It sounds crazy, but orange eye shadow will set your blue eyes ablaze. Blue and orange are directly opposite each other on the color wheel, so it creates a strong contrast.
Black smoky eyes might be a classic, but they tend to overshadow blue eyes rather than enhance them. Soften your look with a neutral palette of rich browns, golds, and light pinks instead.


If you want to try a bold metallic, bronze shades will balance the cool tones in your eyes. At night, kick things up a notch by pressing a dark bronze eyeliner into your lash line.

A bold turquoise liner, helps accentuate bright blues.

Rich brown eyeliners best complement blue eyes because their warm hues emphasize subtle gold specs in the iris.

Using a highlighter on the inside lower lash line is the oldest trick in the book for making eyes appear bigger. But women with blue eyes should skip white highlighters. They tend to look unnatural and kind of dirty. Instead, choose a soft, beige pencil that will brighten eyes naturally.


Navy mascara, is a subtle way of bringing out blue tones in gray or greenish-blue eyes.

Green mascara is perfect for bringing out the violet in blue eyes. If you are looking for the perfect color marcara, that will compliment your eye color, shades of cooper and bronze are perfect for you.


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