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How to pop your pimple the right way

Oh hello, new giant zit that seemingly appeared out of thin air. What perfect timing: You just woke up and have a big day ahead of you. So the real question is, to pop or not to pop? If you have to do it, make sure there is a clear, discernible whitehead at the top. Never atempt to pop pimples that don’t have a whitehead, you’ll just aggravate it more and cause more redness.

Now let’s get poppin’, shall we?
Step 1: Start by washing your face and hands. Touching a blemish with dirty hands can lead to even bigger problems than the pimple on your face.

Step 2: Using a hot towel, apply pressure to the pimple for at least a minute. This ultimately softens the skin around the blemish, allowing for an easier extraction.

Step 3: Grab 2 Q-tips and place them in each hand.

Step 4: Ready to squeeze? The rule of thumb is to squeeze in an upward motion. Grab both sides of the blemish and gently squeeze. Once it starts oozing, as graphic as that is – we know, that’s your cue let go!

Step 5: After you’ve finished squeezing, gently dab the area with a cleansing wipe. To minimize any redness, rub a cold ice cube over the spot to calm the area down.

PRO TIP: Apply a topical antibiotica to kill any infection-causing bacteria.

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