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Makeup and glasses

Glasses are so hot right now and we can clearly see that girls who wear them are on trend! The great thing about glasses is that you can rol out if bed toss them on and you’re already making a fab fashion statement. Yet sometimes when you’re wearing your specs it’s easy to feel like you’re hiding your gorgeous face! We have some great tips and tricks to help enhance your look when wearing glasses.


TIP 1: When it comes to curled lashes, just say no.
If any of you have tried to curl your lashes or tried wearing curl enhancing mascara, you know as soon as you put on your specs your eyes get a little irritated. Having ultra curled lashes will cause them to hit the lenses. Instead try a volumizing mascara to thicken not curl!
Influensters’ pick:
L’Oréal Extra Volume Hydra Collagen Plumping Waterproof Mascara
This mascara is perfect for adding volume without clumping your lashes together. Many Influensters raved how long and voluminous their lashes were post application.

TIP 2: Pick up a good face primer!
Do you catch yourself doing the nerdy, yet flirty little push on the nose bridge of your glasses? Sometimes the oil from our face likes to gather on our nose making our glasses slip down. Enter face primer. Even if you don’t normally mix primer into your beauty routine or even if you don’t like to wear makeup, a dab of primer on your ose will prevent slippage!
Influensters’ pick:
Sephora Collection Perfecting Ultra Smoothing Primer
Influensters love how this primer allows for smooth skin, flawless makeup aplication, and all-day staying power. Many even admit to buying and re-buying without trying any other primers.

TIP 3: Ditch the dark shadows.
We know you notice it when you take your shameless selfies! Sometimes frames can cast a dark shadow under your eye. But don’t you worry, we have a trick for that. Did you know that you can actually counteract a shadow with the color yellow? Use a yellow-toned concealer under your eyes and say ‘bye bye’ to the shadow and hello to your bold beautiful eyes!
Influensters’ pick:
Bobbi Brown Corrector
Influensters see to be obsessed with this Bobbi Brown Corrector. Some reviews even attest to it instantly brightening the face and making the eyes pop!

TIP 4: Be Bold!
We all have the one lipstick that we bought that’s bold bright and completely amazing. It looked great in the store, but we just don’t know when to wear it in real life! Well here’s your chance, because a bold lip color is the perfect accent to your gorgeous glasses. This tip will have you looking like an absolute vixen!
Influensters’ pick:
NARS Pure Matt Lipstick in Amsterdam NARS is a great option for those wanting to commit to a big, bold, pop of color! Influensters love the matte finish, staying power, and variety of shades of NARS. The deep red will not only bring out your bright smile, but also create a nice contrast to your glasses!

TIP 5: Focus on your brows.
They say glasses frame the face, while eyebrows frame the glasses! It’s not a secret that bold brows are a fad that has serious staying power. Use your favorite eyebrow gel, pencil, liquid etc and create standout brows that will complete your look.
Influensters’ pick:
Anastasia Brow Powder Duo
Calling all eyebrows fanatics if you haven’t gotten your paws on this product you’re missing out! This duo shade powder is perfect for everyone from beginners to the eyebrow connoisseurs.

Don’t hide behind your glasses, accentuate them with amazing makeup tips and tricks.

Article from Influenster. They have more like these, so go check them out!


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