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Makeup to embrace your freckles

How to play up your freckles:
I myself do not have freckles, but I still wanted to post this for all you beautys put there who do have them!


When it comes to freckles, it’s about natural beauty and keeping it clean and pretty. The trick is to go light and let your gorgeous freckles shine through.

Reach for Peach
From eyes to cheecks to lips, keeping it light will help freckles really pop.
– NYX’s Stick Blush in Orchid
– Maybelline’s Dream Bouncy Blush in Fresh Pink
– …

Conceal Strategically
Rather than a full-on face of makeup, start with a sheer, tinted, moisturizer or mattifying powder. Then follow up with some spot-concealing, but only where you need it: under the eyes and any areas of redness that need to be blended.
– Laura Mercier Secret Concealer
– Revion ColorStay Powder
– …

Hit the Highlighter
Dab a touch of highlighter, like Influenster Nation favorite Benefit High Beam Highlighter, on the corners of your cheeks next. It provides that ‘glow’ without having to cake tons of makeup on.

Try lighter lashes
Branch out from black if you have freckles. A brown mascara like top-rated Volum’ Express Mascara from Maybelline is great. It’s not too dark and doesn’t compete with a more natural makeup look.

Just a touch of Blush
If you haven’t tried cream blush, you should give this sheer cosmetic a try. Powder blushes have a different finish and can end up looking more cakey over freckles. But cream and gel formulas like Make Up For Ever HD Blush will let your gorgeous freckles show through.

This article is from the Influenster website, they have more of this on there. Go check it out!


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