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How to prevent split ends

Every single one of us has undergro damaged hair strands at some point.
Using heat products is a big cause of split ends, but that doesn’t mean we should stop using them. With the proper care you can have your ends under control.

– Use a good brush.
The best way to detangle your hair is to use conditioner and a wide-tooth comb while taking a shower.
This way you will cause less damage to your hair trying to detangle it.

– Wear Nylon elastics
These are so much better than the tight rubber elastics. The ones in Nylon look just as good in your hair and they won’t damage it when you take them out.

– Use protectant spray
If you ever use a hairdryer or any other heat product, you should always use a heat protection spray. It will prevent damage and will make your strands smooth.

If you follow these healthy hair tips, you might just get away with longer times between trims.

This information comes from the influenster site. Go check it out!


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