Review Sunparks Belgium

At the moment, my family and I are in one of the Sunparks resorts at the Belgian coast.


You stay in a small house.
We are here with our dog Kira and in this street we are the only once without a gate at our garden. Now Kira can’t walk around freely.
Normally you can enter your house at 3 in the afternoon. So we entered at that time, 10 minutes later someone of the park came to tell us the house hadn’t been cleaned yet.
The house itself is really basic. When you walk around on the top floor, every step can be heard.
The small fridge makes a horrible noice when opening it.
At least you still have some privacy, while in the garden no one can see you.
The pool is very fun for younger people.
There is an inside boat restaurant, which I really want to try out as soon as possible.
In the mainbuilding, you have a store, a bowling, an indoor playhouse and other facilities.


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